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Thibaut Courtois helps Chelsea draw at Burnley

Outstanding Thibaut Courtois beaten by magical freekick

The draw against Burnley on Sunday, 12th February 2017 should be viewed optimistically taking into consideration the imposing home record of Burnley this season. The draw should be taken in a positive attitude. The Chelsea Blues surged ahead early in the game but the lead was cut down by a free kick taken by Robbie Brady which netted the equalizer. Though Chelsea dominated the possession in the second half of the game they were unable to make any inroads into the defense of Tom Heaton.

The Burnley side have got all their points except one from games played at home, so the performance of Chelsea in scoring a draw is exemplary to say the least. Thibaut Courtois, the Chelsea goalkeeper was all praise for the boys. He also was a little skeptical about the pitch which he said was not good and the weather was cold but all in all Chelsea began well and they scored a goal early. As per Courtois, the game was not played in ideal playing conditions.

Then Chelsea conceded a free kick and with Robbie Brady taking the free kick, you could be sure to have something happen – and something did happen. Burnley scored the equalizer through this free kick. After that Chelsea could not pull up their socks. They could not duplicate their game of the first 15-20 minutes. Chelsea seemed shell chocked as they were unable to create any prospective chances after the free kick. They failed to have a big chance in the second half and the conclusion could have been that they were lucky to draw the match.

As per Thibaut Courtois, he could do nothing with the free kick from Robbie Brady who just curled the kick over the wall of players. He could just lay a finger on the ball but it was not strong enough to deflect the ball away from the goal posts. Though Courtois did affect a magnificent save from the legs of Matt Lowton to allow Burnley the lead just before half-time. This was also a free kick hit very hard and placed to the very corner but he did save the goal.

The afternoon at Turf manor was very cold and the ground conditions, as per Courtois, were not ideal for a team like Chelsea who like to play the game with quick passes. Just before Chelsea arrived the consensus was that Burnley had taken off 28 points from their home games and though Chelsea tried very hard to go for a win, they just could not beat Burnley. But in winter the pitches are never in the ideal conditions for playing. If Chelsea could have been victorious, it would have been very nice, but Burnley played very well and Chelsea had to be content with a draw.

This draw against Burnley was only the third draw in the Premier League this season by Chelsea. This means that their lead in the League is 10mpoints in front of Manchester United who have a night game to play on Monday, 13th February 2017. With numerous tough games still to be played, more particularly, the away games, Courtois still is of the opinion that the team will have to put in lot of efforts and only with plenty of work would it be possible for Chelsea to be on top of the table and reign as champions.

It is the habit of Chelsea to take every game as it comes and not to see which team is second or behind them. As per Thibaut Courtois, all Chelsea has to do is play each game on its merit and win them and then the results will show for themselves. The games of Premier League are very difficult with playing games away from home against teams of the caliber of Burnley. As per Courtois, there are games more difficult than the last one, against Stoke and West Ham, but if Chelsea work and play as they have been doing during the previous months then they should win.