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The speculations have started: Luis Enrique leaves Barcelona cause of Messi

Lionel Messi and Barcelona

After the announcement of Luis Enrique about him leaving Barcelona at the end of the season, the speculations about his exit started. The story about the announcement is all ways syncing with the previous speculations at Barcelona. It’s all ways Lionel Messi and his extreme requests of him making the atmosphere thight at Barcelona.

Without any information about Luis Enrique and his exit, the silence has been broken when the English mediums placed a story about what is the problem at Barcelona and why Luis is leaving the club.

From some information that goes through the internet. Luis is saying that he just wants some off time from football and taking a vacation. His sayings are that he all ready called out the head of Barcelona and said that he wont continue his contract and that this has been settled the previous summer. Even thought the head of Barcelona stalled the situation and said that he should think about it , Luis Enrique got his final decision and its that he is leaving Barcelona at the end of his contract.

But the English medias are stating a different thing. One of the factors that made Luis Enrique leave Barcelona was the one and only Lionel Messi.

Messi and his conditions

As it is speculating the Argentinian was sending threat that he will leave the club this summer if Luis Enrique does not leave the club this summer.

Messi according to the speculation is angry about how Enrique is controlling the team. Main problem is that Ivan Rakitic is being sat on the bench ,replaced by Andre Gomes. Even thought Rakitic was rehabilitating the match versus Gijon . Luis Enrique will still leave Barcelona and that wont stop the speculations.

If we look back in the days, the speculations were that Messi made Eto leave Barcelona. Even Ibrahimovic and David Villa, that he had a very big influention over the club and making Tata Martino a manager of Barcelona.

Messi even asked for Mascherano, Suarez and Neymar to continue their contract so he can stay at the club. The contract of Messi is ending in 2018, and the offer for new one is staying open since the summer.

In England the speculations are that Messi said he will leave Barcelona if Luis Enrique stays at Barcelona. He will go to Manchester City or somewhere in Chine where they give hime 100 millions euros and perfect conditions.

This kind of stories wont stop, and who will be the new manager of Barcelona only the time will show.