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Mancini: ‘Dzeko will score goals’






Roberto Mancini assures Roma’s Edin Dzeko is “a great striker” who will score “a lot of goals this season”.

The Bosnian international arrived from Manchester City last summer, but scored just eight Serie A goals in his debut campaign.

This season, Dzeko has already managed four goals and an assist in six appearances and the man who brought him to City believes he’ll prove his worth.

“I brought Dzeko to City from Wolfsburg, and for me he’s a great striker,” Mancini told RomaNews.

“Obviously playing in Italy isn’t easy for anyone, so maybe it took a year of acclimatisation, but I’m convinced he can score a lot of goals this year because he has great qualities.”

Giallorossi captain Francesco Totti turned 40 last week, and Mancini was asked what gift he’d like to give Er Pupone.

“It’s difficult, maybe it’s a gift that I can’t give him but only this: to be able to break the Serie A goalscoring record, because he’s not far away [Totti needs 25 goals to beat Silvio Piola’s tally].

“Playing until you’re 40 is difficult, so if Totti is succeeding it’s proof of the fact he’s always been a serious professional and lived like an athlete, otherwise it’d be impossible to play at his age.

“Should he be a Coach or a director? I’m not the one to say what he should do when he stops playing.

“It’s not a simple choice, but Francesco will make the best decision.”

Mancio left Inter this summer, with Frank de Boer replacing him, and the Nerazzurri take on Roma on Sunday evening…

“I think Inter go into it in better condition,” Mancini said.

“At least in the League they’re coming off two wins and a draw, so they should be better psychologically they should be better unless they’ve been affected by yesterday’s defeat in the Europa League.

“It’s a game that’s always a bit illogical though, because two great clubs are meeting. Inter and Roma have played for many years, and it’s always a beautiful match.”