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Saturday: Reports from the European Stadium

Saturday: Reports from the European Stadium

Saturday is always reserved for football fans around the world and for interesting matches. We came to the most interesting part of the season and every point and every goal is very important.
We will start from England’s Premier League, where the most interesting match was played in London. Chelsea managed to defeat Swansea and thus preserve their huge advantage at the top of the table. Antonio Conte’s team now has an 11 point advantage. This was a very difficult match for Chelsea. They took a very early lead, Fabregas scored the goal, but at the end of the first half, Llorente scores an excellent header. It was a big shock for Chelsea.

In the second half, they constantly attacked but without success. However, in 72. minute, Pedro shoots, Swansea goalkeeper reacts badly and the result is changed. Chelsea took the lead, and by the end, Diego Costa scored for 3: 1.
These are three very important points for Chelsea.

Premiership, 26th round:
Chelsea – Swansea 3: 1 (Fabregas 19 ‘Pedro 72, Costa 84’ / Llorente 45 ‘+ 2’)
Crystal Palace – Middlesbrough 1: 0 (van Aanholt 34 ‘)
Everton – Sunderland 2: 0 (Gueye 40 ‘Lukaku 80′)
Hull City – Burnley 1: 1 (Huddlestone 72’-11m / Keane 76 ‘)
WBA – Bournemouth 2: 1 (Dawson 10 ‘, McAuley 22′ / King 9’-11m)

In Germany, Bayern has made a fantastic result, which will be difficult to repeat

Carlo Ancelotti’s team defeated Hamburg 8:0. It seems that the Bavarians are warmed up before the end of the season and they will be a difficult opponent to all in the Bundesliga, but also in the Champions League. Lewandowski played a fantastic match and goals also scored Vidal, Coman, Alaba, Robben … It is important to note the valuable victories for Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund.

Bundesliga Round 22
Bayern-Hamburg 8: 0 (Vidal 17 ‘Lewandowski 24’, 42, ’54, ‘Alaba 56’ Coman 65 ‘, 69’ Robben 87 ‘)
Freiburg – Borussia Dortmund 0: 3 (Sokratis 13 ‘Aubameyang 55’, 70 ‘)
Darmstadt – Augsburg 1: 2 (Heller 47 ‘/ Verhaegh 55′-11m, Bobadilla 85’)
Leverkusen – Mainz 0: 2 (Bell 3 ‘, Oztunali 11’)
RB Leipzig – Cologne 3: 1 (Forsberg 3 ‘, Maroh 34′-ag, Werner 65’ / Osako 53 ‘)

In addition, it is important to say that Sevilla in tough derby defeated Betis and also achieved great success. This derby is known for its brutality and it is certain that Sevilla guys will enjoy tonight.

So, an interesting day in European football as we expected.

We will say little more about Chelsea and their big chance to win the Premier League

They have an 11-point lead, however, Antonio Conte is aware that there are no easy matches. If they focus themselves in every match to the maximum, they certainly will not have problems. But Fernando Llorente showed today that even the lowest moment of carelessness can lead to loss of points. Exactly, that’s the beauty of football, you never know what might happen.

Chelsea is strong, however, there are still many matches until the end. Can Hazard, Costa, and their other stars win the title? Probably yes, but Tottenham, Manchester City, and other rivals are there. They will for sure wait for Chelsea’s slip. Antonio Conte has a lot of experience with Juventus. He was a champion many times, so Chelsea is in a good position.Blues from London are on the right road. Eleven points, it should be enough.