River Plate

9' I. Scocco | 14' I. Scocco | 19' I. Scocco | 36' E. Perez | 46' I. Scocco | 53' I. Fernandez | 58' I. Scocco | 67' E. Perez



LDU Quito

58' H. Barcos | 61' J. Cevallos



87' Pedro


28' M. Palacios | 49' O. Balanta | 82' C. Diaz


U. Magdalena


Soccer is clearly the most popular sport in terms of fans. Ranging from 3rd divisions clubs to Super Star teams such as Manchester United or Barcelona, football will also be the number #1 sports. This is why Golazo is a football website that covers all soccer competitions in Europe. Ranging from the Premier League to the Bundesliga and the Primera Division, we cover all major football divisions. Golazo brings you the latest football news, transfers, gossips, match scores, interviews and videos. With reporters all over Europe, we bring you the most recent and hottest football topics.

At Golazo, we embrace football as passion, every minute of the day. Because football is forever, and it always will be.


Oliver Browing

I’m a passionate Chelsea fan and aspiring sports journalist. I’m currently studying a degree in journalism at the University of Westminster in London. I also like to get involved in radio but have more of a passion for blogging and writing. I’m a fan of the Premier League, but follow the Bundesliga and Spanish league closely too.

I’ve written and blogged for a number of websites, on some I specifically write about Chelsea, and on others I cover general sports news, which can be anything from Boxing to Rugby League and everything in between!

John Deventer

John has been a sports writer for several years and he’s been a Man United fan since his childhood.
Graduated from the University of Essex , John loves to write articles abut strategy and next-generation football tactics. Besides his passion for the Premier League, John also writes about the Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and the Primera Division.

Jonathan Moose

Jonathan Moose is a freelance sports writer, who specializes in football, track & field and swimming. He’s been active in sports for more than 30 years in which he covered 4 Olympics, multiple World Championchips and much more. Jonathan is a true Man City fan and likes to write about anything related to strikers.