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Match analysis: Porto-Juventus


Match analysis: Porto-Juventus

We all know how strong it’s going to be a match between Porto and Juventus. These are two competitive teams, which doesn’t concede a lot of goals. Expectations are always high, and their success in Europe is huge. Indeed, it was difficult to expect an attractive game. Certainly, these two teams have once again demonstrated their genetic code.Especially Juventus, this team never makes mistakes. The machine is brought to perfection and almost never spoils. Sometimes it’s simply impossible to score a goal against them because you have no chance at all.

If we compare the match Porto-Juventus with Manchester City- Monaco we will see a clear difference.Juve is not much dedicated to the attractive game but you will never see Juventus to concede 3 goals at home or to concede 5 goals.

However, it should be noted that Juventus tonight had a great help from one Porto’s player. It was Allex Telles who for a short time got 2 yellow cards and thus helped the Italian team. After he is sent off, Juventus like a snake held the Portuguese. They firmly defended, in the first half the most dangerous was the Dybala’s shot which hit the post.

In the second half, Juventus moved more decisively. Dybala scored already at the beginning but it was canceled. The Italians constantly circled around Casillas. Perhaps the best chance was Higuain’s when the stunning shot missed a goal for a little.

Then, Max Allegri makes two awesome moves

This shows why the Italian coaches are so brilliant. First, he picks Croat Marko Pjaca, a youngster who came this summer from Dinamo Zagreb. Just a few minutes later, Pjaca coming to the ball, and scores for 0:1. It was a great joy for all Italian fans. An important goal away to ensure a peaceful match in Turin.

Other Allegri’s’ move was the Brazilian Dani Alves. It was a collaboration of two Brazilian fullbacks at Juventus, Alex Sandro-Dani Alves. Former Barcelona player scored for 2: 0 and thus Juventus solves everything in this match.
At the end we watched a quiet game, the Italian team knew that 2: 0 is enough before the game in Italy.

It must be said that Juve showed that they are a very strong team which has quite real chances to win the Champions League this year. They have a lot of experience and knowledge, and it certainly would not be a surprise.

Their tactics is really impressive, it seems that in Allegri’s’ team all functioning well. It would be really interesting to see probably the best goalkeeper of all times to win the Champions League. He never did it in his career, so this season could be a big prize.

Last night’s game was marked by greetings of two real rivals Casillas and Buffon. For every true football fan it was a beautiful picture, perhaps this is their last match ever.

Football will lose a lot when these two great goalkeepers decide to end their careers. Of course, we are hoping for a few more seasons.