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Manchester Utd – AS Saint-Étienne UEFA Europa League

Game starts at 8;05 pm (GTM) , Old Trafford – England – 16th of February 2017

In UEFA Europa League round of 32 , the Red Devils await the French side at Old Trafford.  The French squad are the side that got nothing to lose in this match. The duel between the two brothers Paul Pogba  and Florentin Pogba  will be one of the most interesting thing to watch tonight.

Team News

The Manchester Utd side will be missing Phil Jones and Wayne Rooney . Phil Jones missed the 2-0 of Manchester Utd over Watford in the Premier League so we can assume that he wont be fit for this game too. Wayne Rooney in this period was ill ,  but he was on the bench versus Watford. Beside these two Luke Shaw did not came to Lowry but Bastian Schweinsteiger did . Any other injuries are not recorded so Mourinho has the other players fit and ready for this match-up.

The greens, as they are called are coming to England in full form. Their goal-keeper Stephane Ruffier has come back from an injury this weekend when they battled and won over Lorient 4-0.  Their lead scorer Romain Hamouma is fit and ready for this game. He played versus the Lorient side and scored a goal. As the Greens said they got nothing to lose and are fit and ready.

Press and Statistics

Mourinho said that not a single team in this competition should be considered an underdog. In the press he said that beside it is a club without a title for a long time the AS Saint-Étienne is a club with history.  So we can assume that he will go full power vs the French side. A good fact to take is that Manchester Utd are not beaten in the last 14 matches versus a European matches played at Old Trafford. On the other hand the Greens haPaul and Florentin Pogbave won 4 out of their 10 away games in European competition

Good fact about the Swedish giant Zlatan Ibrahimović is that in all competitions when he was in PSG , he had scored 14 goals in 13 matches. Beside him Martial has a good knowledge of the Greens as he mentioned that every game versus them is when he played in Lyon and Monaco  was high level match-up.

The Special one said that he will aim for an victory over the Greens as he mentioned that he must win this at home, cause there are a lot of matches piled up in the future for Manchester Utd. He says:

“If you ask me if I want to beat St Etienne and progress in the competition I say yes. It will be difficult but we don’t throw away competitions. It is even harder now that match against Manchester City is postponed.”

“If we win against Blackburn the [league] match against Southampton will also be postponed so in case this happens it’s going to create us many, many problems.”

On the other hand the AS Saint-Étienne coach Christophe Galtier said that Manchester Utd is one of the biggest clubs in the world beside the problems they had early in the start now they are a very strong team plus he mentioned that “Ibra is Ibra”.


In the end i think that Manchester United will take this , and give a big blow to the French Side. The Red Devils have all the odds in their hands , they are a much more stronger team. Beside the Loss to Hull in the EFL Cup they have been playing at a high level and i think they would achieve a great victory over the Greens.