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Roy Keane attacks Everton over James McCarthy

Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane, has launched a stunning attack on Everton over the withdrawal of James McCarthy from the squad to face Austria. Toffees boss, Ronald Koeman, has previously voiced his concern over Ireland’s use of James McCarthy and the Everton midfielder has withdrawn from the current squad.

Keane told the press “Clubs are going to be selfish, they are going to look after their own players. We are lucky with the Everton lads. When we’ve had a problem previously with Martinez, I think he was slightly over-the-top every time they were turning up always carrying knocks and I always felt Everton players were going to turn up on crutches or crawling in the hotel room door!”

“It looks like we are going to have that issue again with Koeman.”

“This is not a criticism of the players, it’s more of Everton and their staff”

The former United midfielder then turned his attention away from Everton’s dealings with the Irish national set-up and full out attacked the club as he said “I’m not sure when they last won a trophy? I’m fairly sure it was a good number of years ago. Maybe that overloading players and players playing lots of games is a good thing- that means your club has been successful as they are playing week in, week out. But, as Everton don’t play any European football, I think they are out the League Cup and Norwich beat them this season. Maybe, Everton as a club need to- and it’s a brilliant football club- maybe their players need to toughen up a little bit.”

When quizzed about the need for there to be a good relationship between the Ireland National set-up and Everton, Keane stressed it didn’t matter “Why do we need a good relationship with Everton? They are lucky to have the Irish lads they’ve got there and Everton traditionally have always had brilliant Irish players doing well for the football club, so, they shouldn’t be so quick to stop Irish players coming to play for Ireland. If a player is fit to travel and feels he can play the game, particularly, a World Cup qualifying game then they should get their heads round that. ”

“Why would they try and begrudge Ireland having these players available to us? ”

“Koemans’s opinions are no issue to me. I couldn’t care less to be honest with you!”