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Champion’s League : Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

The Arsenals are looking to get past the Bayern Munich this Wednesday, February 15, 2017, for their Champions League round of 16 opening leg. The Gunners will try to outgun the German Champions a feat which they are still trying to accomplish because, the last time that these two powerhouse team last met in their Champions League round of 16, Bayern Munich always emerged as victors. Come Wednesday, the Arsenal will try to turn the tide and knock out the German Champions off the game.
The Arsenals however are going to climb a steep hill battling Bayern Munich. This is because, Bayern Munich have never lost a game since November. Which means momentum is on the side of the German Champions. With this kind of momentum, not to mention the fact that Bayern Munich have defeated Arsenal in the same level of competition, many might be asking is there any reason for the Gunners to be optimistic going into the game on Wednesday?

Something Positive for the Arsenal

One reason for the Arsenals to be optimistic on their game this Wednesday is that although they are playing on the home turf of Bayern Munich, the Arsenals have defeated the German Champions on their home turf before. So any homecourt advantage is definitely eliminated. Another reason for the Gunners to be positive going into the game this Wednesday is the fact that their Forward Alexis Sanchez have been playing great by scoring huge goals this season, he currently have 20 goals in all contests.
Although it is a sad thing for a player to get injured and miss out a game, such is considered as a stroke of luck for some teams. For Arsenal the decommissioning of some of Bayern Munich’s players during their game because of injury, while unfortunate, the absence of several players from Bayern Munich is good news for the Arsenal. First in the list is Franck Ribery who will miss the game due to a thigh injury.
Jerome Boateng will continue to miss games, including this one, because of his continuing rehabilitation from the operation performed on his chest muscle. Finally, Xabi Alonso may not play on Wednesday after he is seen limping from practice last Monday.

Bayern Munich’s Advantage

Although the absence of some players can really work to their disadvantage, the German Champions still have some ace in their hand. One advantage that the German Champions have is the fact that they have defeated the Gunners in their several Champions League meet. In addition to that, this season alone, Bayern Munich are yet to be defeated since November. Another advantage, which is also unfortunate, is the absence of some of the Arsenal’s players due to injuries. Midfielder, Aaron Ramsey will be missing the game because of his continued recovery from his calf strain. Santi Cazorla will also miss the game due to an Achilles injury which happened last October. The game this Wednesday will answer some questions brewing in the mind of fans right now. Will the absence of players be a factor for both the teams, in winning or losing the game? Will the Arsenal end the winning streak of Bayern Munich? Or will the German Champions hand Arsenal yet another loss? All these will be answered on Wednesday.