America MG

16' Norberto | 19' Luan | 32' Ruy | 75' Messias



58' N. Careca | 90' Henan

Santa Cruz

44' J. Paulo



71' Thaciano


17' P. R. de Souza



58' Alemao



Barra Mansa


29' R. Prieto | 73' R. Leichtweis


Cerro Porteno

45' G. Velazquez

Sport Victoria


Defensor La Bocana

Sport Loreto


Santa Rosa PNP

Carlos Manucci



Club Sando


North East Stars

Nyva Ternopil'


Arsenal Bila Tserkva



Nyva Vinnytsya

Podillya Khmelnytskyi



Ahrobiznes Volochysk





Skala Stryi

Cherkaskyi Dnipro II



Orlando City


Atlanta United

86' H. Villalba

New York Cosmos



Barcelona Atletico



S. Wanderers

22' F. Pina | 83' B. Cerezo | 90' E. Gutierrez



New York Red Bulls 2

27' V. Bezecourt


Toronto FC 2

Some Most Amazing and Cool Facts in Football History.

  • Most Goals by a Goalkeeper in World History.

In the ground of Football goalkeepers are mostly one-dimensional players. They have one and does only one job on the field and the job is only that “keep the ball out of the net”. It is a very difficult task in itself, but what happens when a goalkeeper adds another dimension to his play; a flair for goal scoring? Well, the answer is simple: Rogerio Ceni.

Rogerio Ceni was a Famous Brazilian goalkeeper who plied his trade for Sao Paulo. He was an excellent and professional goalkeeper and even represented his country at two Football World Cups also.

The Ceni career spanning two-and-a-half decades, in which Ceni scored totally 131 goals. That is more than 60 goals more than the second most goal-rich keeper in history which name is Jose Luis Chilavert. To put this extraordinary feat into depth, Ryan Giggs, an attacking player, has scored only 111 goals in the same time period that Ceni started taking set pieces for his team.

Following Giggs retirement, Ceni became the manager of Sao Paulo. His record might still burgeon, Ceni best record as the best scoring goalkeeper will surely stand the test of time.

Rogerio Cine The Famous Goalkeeper

  •  Highest score in a match

This match played between AS Adema and SO l’Emyrne played on the date of  31 October 2002 has been immortalized by the Guinness book of world records for producing the biggest scoreline in the history of club football.

The match, played in the international ground of  Madagascar, was a part of a four-team round robin tournament which determines the national champion. SO l’Emyrne dismayed at poor refereeing in a previous match, The team also effectively ended their hopes of becoming the national champions, took to the match to protest against biased refereeing. We can see this “A most unusual protest”.

As the match started the SO l’Emyrne players proceeded to pass back to their own goal and score. The opposition was bewildered but the team had made their mind.

They went on to score 149 own goals leading to a score of 149-0. At the end of the match, the SO l’Emyrne club manager was banned from the game for next 3 years, and the 4 team players were also banned until the end of the season.

Record Goals in Football history

Record Goals in Football history

  • Most international goals in Football History

Ali Daei was a famous footballer of Iran Football team. He holds the record for most goals scored in international matches. In a career of 13 years and 149 matches, Daei managed to score an impressive and amazing 109 goals for Iran .

Ali is first Asian player became to play in the world famous league UEFA Champions league. He is a talented player and the player to have crossed the century mark for goals in international football history and it will take a superhuman and impressive effort to match or even break his record.

Ali First Asian Player in Football History of UEFA

Ali The First Asian Player